There are days when it seems like the news headlines can almost assault you…as they reminds us of how violent the world can be sometimes.

Today is one of those days:

In San Diego, what appear to be gang-related shootings leave 3 people dead…one in Chula Vista and two in the Skyline area.

In Las Vegas, two cops and an innocent shopper are killed by a couple carrying out some sick murder-suicide pact

In Pakistan, a terrorist attack kills close to 30 people at an airport and the Taliban claim responsibility

And in Iraq, over the weekend, at least 70 people are killed in bombings in sectarian violence

When we see headlines like these, it can be a bit unsettling, and can make us turn away and conclude that all the news is bad.

We know, however, that all the news is not bad. 

But knowing about the evil that goes on in the world can help us overcome it with good.

And that is good news.