So have you noticed how many drivers don’t obey the law when it comes to the use of cell phones?

When the law requiring hands free cell phone operation went into effect, most drivers appeared to be complying. Well, now, just look around and chances are you’ll see someone driving with a cell phone in one hand either talking or texting.

And that’s why the Chula Vista Police Department has a program going with the help of a 33-thousand dollar grant from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to crack down on drivers who aren’t following the hands free cell phone law.

The other day, in a five hour period, Chula Vista cops nailed 73 drivers for talking on their cell phones without using a hands free device or texting while driving.

This is one of those laws that some people really believe in, because they know what can happen and maybe it’s even happened to them. And there are other people who don’t believe in the cell phone driving laws…because they think it will never happen to them.

Maybe it’s going to take more cops giving out more tickets. So watch it the next time you’re driving in Chula Vista.