You probably heard about that list last week at about the coolest cities in America.  Not a survey about the weather…but how cool cities are in terms of lifestyle and economy.

San Diego was in the top 10, at number 6, but we got beat by five other cities that Forbes said were cooler than San Diego.

Washington D.C. was #1. It does have a lot of American history stuff there but it also has lots of politicians.

Seattle was #2, okay, great coffee, but also lots of rain.

Coming in at #3 was Austin Texas, and actually, if San Diego couldn’t be #1 as the coolest city in America, then Austin should have been….because everyone who moves there describes it as San Diego without the beaches.

Number 4 was Houston which has lots of oil and well, has lots of oil.

San Francisco was #5, as they say, nice place to visit, but don’t want to live there.

Now if your city didn’t make the list of the coolest, no reason to feel un-cool. Because it’s really more about how we choose to live, and not where we live.

Click here to see Forbes survey.