The commander of the Navy’s Blue Angels is disciplined and demoted for allowing sexual harassment PF Chang’s has to pay one million dollars to two female employees because of sexual harassment at a couple of its restaurants.

These are the cases that make headlines, but ask anyone who works in the HR or Legal departments of companies and they know there are lots of cases that don’t make headlines.

And it does make you wonder at times why it happens….and why it happens as often as it does. Especially with most companies doing lots of education and training about it.

But sexual harassment can be an uncomfortable thing to talk about at the workplace. And it can even put people on edge about what they can say or what they can’t say.

HR people try to explain what makes something sexual harassment. And legal people make arguments about what makes something sexual harassment.

But in the end, most people know what it is. And in the end, it really comes down to treating other people the way you want to be treated.