Question:  Would you fly on Malaysia Airlines?

Just a few months after Malaysian Flight 370 disappeared from radar and presumably crashed into the Indian Ocean, Malaysian Flight 17 is shot down over Ukraine.

While we know basically how Flight 17 crashed in Ukraine, we still don’t know what happened to flight 370…a plane that has yet to even be found.

And while most people say it is just a coincidence, some suggest that Malaysia Airlines made fatal mistakes in the cases of both these crashes.

They have been heavily criticized for the way they reacted when flight 370 disappeared that might have cost them the time to find and save the plane and people aboard.

And now they are bring strongly criticized for being one of the few commercial airlines that have continued to fly over Ukraine, even though military planes were shot down earlier in what is basically a war zone.  

With this kind of track record, and millions of dollars in legal costs, Malaysia Airlines could end up crashing as a business.