The next time you go to the beach, don’t be surprised if you see more guys wearing Speedos.

According to the 2014 Expedia Flip Flop report… a worldwide survey of beach going habits showed a growing acceptance of the skimpy so-called male bikinis.

The survey found that 74-percent of beachgoers said that Speedo style swimsuits for men are okay, up from 65 percent in last year’s beach survey.

Does that mean that more guys are in better shape? Not necessarily.

The survey apparently just asked beachgoers if they’re okay with men wearing them, not whether they should.

The Expedia survey found that speedo swimwear was most popular in Brazil, with a 95-percent approval rating.  Maybe the World Cup loss got them hot under the collar.

The least popular country when it comes to men wearing speedos was Norway. Guess Vikings don’t like them.

As for beachgoers in the U.S.,  the survey said a surprising 57 percent are okay with men wearing speedos at the beach.

They must have just asked the guys wearing them. If you asked everybody else, you might get a different answer.