We all are familiar with motorcyclists lane splitting….zipping between you and the car next to you on the freeway.

And it’s often not easy to see these motorcycles as they slip in and out of your blind spot.

Make a last minute decision to make a lane change, even with your turn signal, and you worry about hitting one of these guys.

Lane splitting has always been legal in California but when the CHP announced new guidelines this year, it was supposed to make it safer out there.

The CHP says the new guidelines now say motorcyclists should only lane split at no faster than 10 miles over the speed of traffic and they now recommend that motorcyclists not split lanes at all if traffic is going faster than 30-miles an hour.

Seems as if a lot of motorcyclists haven’t heard about the new guidelines. Others say they like them and they are abiding by the new lane splitting guidelines.

So for now, guess we have to keep our eyes open…and our ears too…because with lots of motorcyclists not obeying California’s noise emission laws, at least you hear them coming.