The U-T headline read “San Diego is getting more crowded”.  

Well, yes, but the headline leaves the impression it’s a problem.

A new state report says San Diego’s population grew by 1.3 percent. Not exactly a population explosion.

But that 1.3 percent is higher than population growth in L-A and most other cities in California.

And it’s significantly better population growth than the state as a whole.

So despite higher prices here for housing and gasoline for instance, people are still coming to San Diego.

And that’s a good thing.

The state report says San Diego’s population grew mostly because of what they call job migration.  In other words, new people moved here for a job.

And that’s a good thing because it means the local economy is doing better.

And it means that people don’t move here just for the weather…although you can’t blame them if they do.

So this new state report is good news for San Diego. Enough growth but not too much.

Just the way we like it.