Having been in the news business for most of my career, a lot of people ask me how those in the news business decide what is news.

And this story about the missing Malaysian 777 jetliner has become one of the biggest news stories in terms of non-stop coverage in a long time.

And there are some who have complained that the coverage of Flight 370 is just too much.

And in the old days, before the Internet and the on-demand world of news with hundreds of news and information websites, it may have been too much.

But because news is what people most care about and what most affects them and because news shows need ratings to stay in business, all the coverage of an unprecedented story of a missing jetliner and the fate of more than 200 people is  not too much.

As far as all the other news that’s not getting as much coverage, well, all those other big stories are available on line, on your phone and any time you want them.

And when it comes to what’s making news…that’s the news about the news.