So far the public opinion polls show most public opinion in favor of what the President is doing in Iraq.

Some polls show as much as 80-percent of people agreeing with the President’s decision to launch military air strikes against the terrorists now controlling some cities and threatening others and to carry out humanitarian air drops to help save Christians and other minorities from death.

There are some who say we shouldn’t do anything, but most people say this organization of terrorists could be the most dangerous and evil bunch of radical Islamic crazies in the world.  

And while most polls show most people don’t want us to get into a big war again in Iraq, most people say they do support what we’re doing now. But it will be interesting to see for how long.

The President himself says this is probably going to take several months before he can say ‘mission accomplished’. And of course there was another president who said it too early…and found out that taking military action in Iraq comes with no guarantees.

And now this president, who has criticized that other president, must be ready for the possible criticism ahead.