We all worry about our kids.

And that’s why a lot of us parents feel for Jill Tahmooressi, the mother of the U.S. Marine who’s been in jail in Mexico for more than four months. Not only is her son Andrew still locked up in a Mexican jail cell, he’s got PTSD and that probably makes her worry more.

But what Jill Tahmooressi is going through is what a lot of parents of military personnel go through…separation and worry.

And as a military parent, waking up every day knowing that your son or daughter is in a place maybe where bad people are out to kill or capture them has to be a very hard thing to deal with.

Yet tens of thousands of military moms and dads here in San Diego live that reality every day.

And in a world right now where there are wars and rumors of wars in many places, it is easy to forget these military moms and dads. Their sons and daughters are the ones who are usually applauded at airports and who get standing ovations at sporting events.

But their moms and dads deserve praise too.