Being in the news business means you tell lots of stories about others, but from time to time, a story you do becomes as relevant to you as it is to others.

Case in point…that story this week from the National University System’s Institute for Policy Research. It was a new study about San Diego’s population.

And in the U-T, the headline on the story read: “Gen X Leaving San Diego; Taking Their Kids.”

Now I’m sure for a lot of listeners who heard the story, it was one that hit home. And coincidentally, this time when I reported a story, it hit home with me too.

You see, coincidentally, the same day I reported the story about Gen X’ers with kids leaving San Diego for better paying jobs and more affordable housing…. my Gen-X son and daughter in law moved with their new kids into their new home in Texas.

Now as grandparents, it’s always bittersweet. You’re happy for them but sad they’re moving. But there are many of us who hope this new study opens the eyes of the public policy makers…. about making policy that makes California more affordable for Gen-X’ers and everybody.