We all have our favorite places in San Diego. Some of them are some of the city’s famous landmarks. They are the places we never want to see disappear.

And that’s when news broke this week that the building that’s the home of Mr. A’s was being sold, there were worries that one of San Diego’s most famous restaurants could be going away.

So when news came that the Alessio family’s famous restaurant would stay… despite the Fifth Avenue Financial Center being sold to a global real estate investment firm… there was a citywide sigh of relief.

After all, for a lot of long time San Diegans, Bertrand at Mr. A’s, as it’s called now, sitting atop the building, is a local landmark.

If you’ve been there for lunch or dinner, you know it’s the best view of the city. And when you fly into Lindbergh Field, and see it off to your right, you know it’s a sign that you’re home. And when it’s lit up for Christmas, it gives San Diego a special urban charm.

So while the building is being sold to a global firm, consider it a victory for local tradition.