One of San Diego’s most famous landmarks has also been the object of one of San Diego’s longest running legal battles…


And it looks like the fate of the cross at the top of the Mt. Soledad war memorial could be years away again after the Supreme Court decided not to decide and sent the case back to a lower court.


Ten years ago, 75-percent of San Diego voters said they wanted to the cross to stay where it is.


A huge majority of veteran’s organizations, local politicians and community leaders also have said they want the cross to stay.


Eight years ago, Congress passed a law and declared it a national war memorial. And another piece of legislation to keep it there could make its way to a vote this fall.


And yet, despite this overwhelming support, it appears a literal handful of people are not giving up their efforts to get the 60-year-old cross removed from Mt. Soledad claiming it is unconstitutional.


But if a future Supreme Court were to ever rule against the cross, it’s pretty clear, it will be a sad day in San Diego.