When news first broke that an ISIS terrorist killed in Syria lived in San Diego, you may have thought what a lot of us thought: The 911 hijackers.

At least two and probably three of them lived in San Diego.

They lived here, worked here and plotted here. Even learned how to fly planes here. And some of the other 19 hijackers are believed to have visited San Diego and met up here.

And then of course there was the guy who was called the spiritual leader of al Qeuda, Anwar al-Awlaki, who was killed by a U.S. drone just a few years ago…but who also lived and worked and went to mosques here in San Diego.

And now we are learning where this ISIS fighter worked and where he went to school and what mosque he visited.

All of this is kind of scary to think about. And it makes you wonder if there are other terrorists living here now….planning, plotting and practicing.

After 9-11 we were taught that if you see someone or something suspicious, then report it.  With this latest news about the latest terrorist from San Diego, it’s something to remember.