They say that everyone talks about the weather.   Here in San Diego, we probably don’t talk about it as much as people who live in other parts of the country because it usually doesn’t change all that much.  When it’s nice almost every day, what’s to talk about?

But when we do get some unusual weather, we really talk about it.

Case in point the thunder, lightning  and summer showers we got this last weekend.   Back in the east and Midwest, thunderstorms are common occurrences, but not here.

So pretty much everywhere I went, people were talking about the unusual weather in San Diego.  And a lot of the talk was from people who loved it.

Hearing the thunder was cool.  Watching the showers was fun.  Seeing some of the lightning was awesome.

There were even people I ran into who said they loved the mugginess in the air.

But do we really want Midwest like weather this time of year?

I mean that’s one of the reasons we moved here right?  To get away from hot humid summers and cold snowy winters.

Talking about the weather is fine.  But in San Diego, we like there not to be too much to talk about.