First Lady Michelle Obama calls the kidnapping of those 200 girls in Nigeria part of a wider pattern of threats and intimidation facing girls around the world who pursue an education.

But there are many others who say this terrible crime is less about a specific campaign against girls and women and much more about what’s behind the radical Islamic terrorists like the group in Nigeria who kidnapped these girls.

An African American woman who grew up in a Muslim community in Kenya spoke out this week about what’s really behind this mass kidnapping. 

Her name is Ayaan Hirsi Ali…and she says it’s not a campaign against girls and women specifically. She says they are just victims of a frightening ideological war by Islamic radicals. And she should know. They have threatened to kill her.

And she says until both government leaders and Islamic preachers start telling like it is about the religious beliefs that motivate terrorists like the kidnappers of these girls…the root of the problem is ignored.

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