Comic Con means lots of celebrities…lots of actors and actresses from TV and movies showing up and lots of fans waiting in long lines to see them.

It’s really fascinating to watch.   And it can make you wonder, what is it that makes celebrities...celebrities?

I mean what makes so many people want to pay a lot of money or waste a lot of time just to get a chance to meet a celebrity or even to just get a glance of them across a big room?

Have you ever stopped to think why people go ga-ga over people who just happen to work on TV or in movies?

After all, they’re just people like the rest of us with all the same faults as the rest of us.  But because they’re famous, people idolize them.  What drives the appeal?

Maybe it’s a question better left for psychologists, philosophers or theologians.

Whatever it is, it’s part of what makes Comic Con what it is…the best people watching event of the year.