There was a call on the police scanner this week but it didn’t make the news.

Someone was standing on the Coronado Bridge and was threatening to jump and cops were heading to the bridge to try to help.

But a short time later, word came, no traffic control needed, the person just jumped.

It may not rank as high as the Golden Gate in San Francisco, but the Coronado Bridge sees its share each year of suicides.

And it is sad to think that they often don’t get a blip of attention.

There has been some talk of trying to make the Coronado Bridge suicide proof…with barriers and things.

But it can never stop everybody.

So our lives go on and a suicide doesn’t even register a mention in the media.

A reminder for sure that maybe the best thing we can do is to be aware and pay attention for signs of people we know who might be thinking of becoming another jumper on the Coronado Bridge.


It still may not make the news, but an act that prevents a suicide will make headlines in heaven.