Neighborhood battles happen all the time over some RV owners who park their vehicles on the street and leave them there for days.

And that’s the reason the San Diego City Council is putting into effect later this month a ban on parking large vehicles overnight on public streets. Some RV owners are complaining and griping.

But unfortunately, there are so many bad apples in the RV bunch, the city had to do something.

Some RV’s are parked and never moved. Some are used as a home for relatives or friends. And some RV owners and others with large vehicles who park their vehicles on the street in your neighborhood think it’s their right. And some RV owners park them in front of your house instead of theirs.  Inconsiderate for sure.

So when too many RV owners don’t follow the rules that do exist and force neighbors or the cops to police them, then the city is forced to put into effect the new law regulating RV’s on neighborhood streets.

Being a good neighbor means caring about your neighbor. And unfortunately, too many RV owners apparently don’t know what that means.