The black helicopters may be hovering after the sudden resignation of San Diego police chief Bill Lansdowne.

Because the conspiracy crowd is sure to want to make something out of it.

Just a few weeks ago we found out that the rich Mexican national accused of funneling campaign funds illegally to ex-Mayor Bob Filner and others wanted Chief Lansdowne to leave.

The story goes that he wanted to turn San Diego into Miami West and wanted the police chief out so it would be easier to get the okay for more bars and nightclubs.

And now just days after the rich Mexican and those accused of funneling his foreign money to local candidates were charged with a crime, police chief Bill Lansdowne suddenly announces what the department calls his retirement. .

So it won’t be surprising if conspiracy types suggest that the recent problems with some cops accused of doing improper things may all be part of a plan to get rid of the police chief.

Of course it sounds crazy. But when things happen that are unexpected and unexplained, those looking for a conspiracy will find one.