Have you ever noticed how often governments make changes in things based on one random event? Here are just a few recent examples:

A car driven by a drunken woman crashes into a group of bicyclists and now there are calls to ban bikes or ban cars from Fiesta Island.

An occasional human picks on an occasional seal at Children’s Pool, a beach by the way made for children, and the Coastal Commission bans all humans from the beach for five months every year.

A few RV owners ignore their neighbors’ concerns and leave their RV’s on the street and the city council slaps new regulations on all RV owners.

Setting aside for a moment the merits of these decisions, doesn’t it get to you how often the lousy behavior of the few affects the life of the rest of us.

It’s nothing new of course. After all when we were kids in school, the teacher would punish everyone because of one or two goof offs.

You just wish that the people who mess it up for the rest of us wouldn’t be so selfish, so self-centered and so much about themselves.