We now all know the brutality of the ISIS terrorists in Iraq.  The beheading of American journalist Jim Foley brought it home.

The fact that these evil sickos killed an American by beheading him should not cause us to be any more disturbed by it had he been shot or stabbed or beaten to death instead but it does.

It is barbaric.  But that’s exactly why the ISIS militants do it. They know the impact it has on the people they consider their enemies, including Americans, Chaldean Christians and other minority groups in Iraq and anyone else who refuses to follow their orders to convert to Islam or die.

ISIS is called a terrorist group for a reason.  Their whole objective is to strike terror in the hearts and minds of people.

And beheading people, crucifying people and burying them alive, men women and children, do exactly that.

We are not dealing with rational people.  We are dealing with pure evil.

Even Pope Francis recently said there is a moral imperative to stop unjust aggressors like ISIS.

The time has come.