There’s been a lot of talk about veterans lately.  That’s because there are a lot of veterans around now with the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

They are the veterans from a new generation of soldiers who were given the task of fighting terrorism. 

A generation born out of Sept. 11th.

But today we remember a different generation of soldiers.  

They call them the greatest generation.  Those who fought in World War II. 

Most members of their generation won’t be here much longer.

But today….June 6th….we remember them because today was D-Day…the day that made the difference in that war 70 years ago. 

Thousands of young men gave up their lives on the beaches of Normandy that day as allied forces began their conquest of Hitler. 

We weren’t fighting terrorists back then.  We were fighting madmen who if they had succeeded, our country would be a very different kind of place today.

But the D-Day generation reminds us today…that while we may be fighting terrorists now, it is still a battle against forces of evil that every generation must continue to fight.