If you’re a soccer fan, you’re into the World Cup.  And even if you’re not a soccer fan, you at least know about the World Cup.

All you have to do is to go into any restaurant or bar with a TV and you will know the World Cup is going on.

Even with it being the week when all of San Diego is talking about Tony Gwynn….the popularity of the World Cup has not been lost.

That was really clear this past Monday when the Padres announced that because of the passing of Tony Gwynn, they would not be showing the World Cup on the big video screens at Petco Park and instead opened up the Park at the Park.

And as lots of fans started showing up to stand at the foot of the Tony Gwynn statue… there were some people there that day who showed up and were very disappointed that the World Cup games would not be shown.

But I’ve got a feeling that with the way he loved to compete and the way he admired other athletes in other sports, Tony Gwynn would have kept an eye on some of the World Cup himself.