A debate is going on over how much the news media should show when terrible things happen, thanks to the shoot down of Malaysian Flight 17 and to the fighting between Israel and the Hamas terrorist group.

CNN showed photos of the dead bodies of Palestinians killed by Israeli air strikes but has chosen not to show the bodies of the victims of Flight 17.

The huge majority of news agencies also refuse to show the bodies from the downed Malaysian plane.

A case can be made that when evil acts like the shoot down of a commercial jetliner happens, people should see the actual result of that evil act because then maybe it will help spark action against the evil act.

The horror of the holocaust in World War II would not have had the same impact had photos of concentration camp victims not been released.

But no matter what the media show about the effects of evil acts, with Twitter and social networking, graphic photos go viral anyway. 

And if they lead to more outrage that leads to more action to stop it, then maybe it’s worth it.