The USA soccer team is knocked out of the World Cup, just when so many of us were just starting to understand this game.


Of course for Americans, it may be hard to ever truly understand the game they call football in Europe.


We know our American football. We know the rules, we know the scoring and we know there will usually be a good number of points scored.


But now for those of us who just started getting into soccer because of the USA’s team in the World Cup, it’s over for us.


Just when we were starting to figure out yellow cards from red cards and just when we were starting to figure out what a dive looks like..and just when we were getting used to the clock counting up instead of down…it’s over.


Of course there are other games still to be played but who cares?  They are countries we don’t care about.


Even our neighboring team in Mexico is out.  At least we would have someone to root for.


But for now it’s back to baseball and then getting ready for the football we know and understand.