Last night’s memorial tribute to Tony Gwynn was just what San Diego needed.


Fans, friends and family remembering and celebrating the life of probably the city’s greatest and most loved athlete, ever.


Mayor Kevin Faulconer said it best when he said Tony Gwynn wasn’t just Mr. Padre, he was Mr. San Diego.


But as great as it was, Tony Gwynn may not have been all that comfortable with it.


He was a humble man who while very proud of all that he accomplished, he was uncomfortable with patting himself on the back in a public way.


In fact someone at Petco Park last night who saw Tony play for many years told me that if Tony had been there last evening, he might have wondered why it was all necessary.


You see while Tony Gwynn was so thankful that he was able to play baseball for a living, he also knew that it was a job that he took very seriously and that demanded his attention.


And every day he lived the words of his dad, words on his statue that stands at the ballpark:


“If you work hard, good things will happen.”