This week begins the sixth month in a Mexican jail for Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi. He’s the war veteran who was arrested at the border because he crossed into Mexico with guns in his vehicle…legally registered in the U.S but illegal south of the border.

Tahmooressi says he made a mistake at the border and crossing into Mexico was unintentional. But Mexico cops said that’s not our problem…you’re here, you have guns so off to jail with you.

Since then, more than 130,000 Americans have signed an on line petition on the White House website to call for the President to get him released.

But the Marine sergeant’s mom said this week her son’s case needs a greater sense of urgency from the White House and the President needs to ramp up the efforts.

The Mexican court system is notoriously slow and besides, south of the border, you’re basically guilty until you have a chance to prove you’re innocent. It now appears nothing’s going to happen unless the White House puts some pressure on Mexico.

And after almost six months, a lot of Americans are asking…what’s taking so long?