Have you ever been driving along the freeway and some reckless driver speeds by ands cuts you off?

And you say to yourself, where are the cops when you need them?

It would be nice if there were enough cops around to see and catch every reckless driver.  But they do catch some.

The guy yesterday for instance who cops tried to stop up in San Juan Capistrano for reckless driving. The guy didn’t stop and took off and was chased down the 5 into San Diego County at speeds of up to 100 miles an hour before he crashed his car in Encinitas.

No one was hurt and you might say that was a lucky break, but cops have rules when it comes to chases and generally know how to reduce the chances of a chase ending up badly.

There was one chase that was even called off this week because cops decided it was too dangerous to continue.

So maybe the next time you see a reckless driver, don’t wonder where the cops are, call 911 and let them know where the reckless driver is.