If you like to take the kids for an outing out on Fiesta Island on Mission Bay, this weekend and next weekend are not the times to do it.

It’s Over the Line time…when Fiesta Island is not for kids but is converted into an adult playground….where adults, many of them in the late middle ages of adulthood…get to act like kids.

Over the Line turns Fiesta Island into kind of a modern day Animal House if you know what I mean.

And this year, the traditional form of celebration at OTL was almost SOL.

At the last minute, the city pushed aside threats of lawsuits and granted the annual special license for OTL so everyone can bring their own alcoholic beverage instead of having to buy it there.

Doesn’t sound like a big deal, but for the OTL crowd, it was.

BYOB is all part of what makes OTL like a big college frat party with baseballs, beer and well some other things that start with “B”.

But as much of a San Diego tradition as it is, OTL is not for everyone. 

There certainly are more wholesome ways to spend your weekend.  

And that’s probably why  OTL is held out on an island.