There have always been some people who are afraid to fly.

But there is a growing number of people who hate to fly.

Talk to people about their flying experience and most of them will tell you flying has become a pain in the airsick bag.

These latest incidents of passengers fighting with each other over reclining seats into your lap are examples of just how uncomfortable and irritating flying can be.

Add on all the time and hassles going through security checkpoints, paying for baggage along with the cramped seats and tiny bathrooms, it’s a wonder anyone flies at all.

The airlines are all guilty of it.   Put more seats into the planes and make more money.  Don’t worry about the lack of leg room.  Most passengers won’t complain…at least not out loud.

Air travel used to be something you enjoyed….a time to relax, take in the view of the world below you, and be pampered by flight attendants who served you real food not in plastic bags and you didn’t have to pay extra for everything.

Thankfully flying on an airplane is the safest form of travel. 

That is until more fights start breaking out.