The comment from the mayor of a small town in Arkansas where terrible tornadoes hit this week was pretty interesting.

Especially for those of us who live here and not there.

This small town mayor, commenting on his community now focused on re-building, told a reporter, this is a great place to live.

Now it may be a great place to live most of the time, but it got me to thinking how awful it must be to live in a place that gets tornadoes a lot.

Having grown up in Illinois, it’s easy to remember what it was like when the tornado sirens sounded.

In fact just this past week, was the anniversary of a killer tornado in Illinois that killed some kids I went to school with.

So when the mayor of a small town in tornado country says it’s a great place to live, it makes you wonder.

Especially when you’re looking at the news coverage and you see what tornadoes can do.

It makes you wonder why people there don’t just get up and move somewhere else.