whaley house

The Travel Channel has called The Whaley House in Old Town the most haunted place in America.

I’ve always been a non-believer in the paranormal, but I’ll admit to having a very active imagination…so any haunting would scare me (much like Don Knotts in The Ghost and Mr. Chicken.)

I spoke with Jokie Tolentino, the Director of Museum Services at the Whaley House and asked the important question…is Whaley House REALLY haunted?

Here's what he had to say (listen below):

Halloween is just around the corner and the Whaley House has some spooky events scheduled In addition to showing scary movies, there are a couple of ghost hunting tours coming up. 

Find out more about the historical home's Halloween happenings HERE

Take a tour inside the home in this video:

whaley thomas 1823 1890

Who was Mr. Whaley? 

Thomas Whaley was an early settler of San Diego, California. The residence he built there in 1857 is now a public museum called Whaley House. He was appointed President for the San Diego city Board of Trustees (informally called "Mayor") during 1858–1859.


House Photo Credit: Racemanryan via WikiCommons