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Doctors say yoga isn't just for adults. You may not realize that children can also de-stress from doing yoga. 

Young children do have stressors in their lives, and yoga is a practice that can improve their mental focus, build confidence, improve breathing and posture and reduce physical and mental stress.

Teresa Power is the author of the ABC'S of Yoga For Kids. She is coordinating yoga events with children for Friday,  April 8th.

You don't' have to go to a yoga class on Friday, but at 11 a.m., you can join in the movement to practice yoga with your child. There are a couple of poses you can teach children as young as two and a half or three. For instance the tree pose, where you're standing on one leg and bring the other leg inside your thigh and bring your hands to the prayer position. She says children become focused, and as they get better at holding the pose, they build confidence.

You can find Teresa's book and a five minute workout on her website HERE

Listen to my interview with Teresa below.