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David M. Epstein is a President at David M. Epstein Insurance Services, Inc. He has thirty-one years experience in the insurance and annuity industry.

Mr. Epstein is a three time recipient of the 5 Star Wealth Manager of the Year Award by San Diego Magazine.

"My personal mission is to provide a happy home and work environment for my family and friends to celebrate life. I strive to be a better person each day and bring happiness to others through my compassion, sense of humor and kindness. All good works are achieved through hard work and commitment to excellence and every effort should be made with integrity, honesty and dignity.

In business, the pleasure of working with families and successful people is an honor and a privilege that I take seriously. My unique skill in business is to help others take their vision for their family and put it into a written plan that will be executed at the proper time according to the wishes and desires of the client. I come from a family of hard workers who have always dedicated themselves to helping others and, above all, to bring joy and sense of fun to each day. If you enjoy your career and love what you do, you will do what you love very well and live a life of significance."

-David M. Epstein