Winners and Losers in the June 2016 Election
The June 2016 Primary Election produced unconventional results - and thus surprise winners and losers. Full results for each race can be accessed here.
Carl DeMaio recommends you consider voting for the following candidates in the upcoming June 7 California Primary Election. Carl has vetted these candidates and finds they are dedicated to advancing government reform and defending our personal freedoms!
US Senate
Tom Del Beccaro
US Congress
District 49 – Darrell Issa
District 50 – Duncan Hunter
District 51 – Juan Hildalgo
District 52 – Jacquie Atkinson
District 53 – James Veltmeyer
State Senate
District 39 – John Renison, Richard Fago OR Dr. Juan Bribiesca
State Assembly
District 71 – Leo Hamel
District 75 – Marie Waldron
District 76 - Rocky Chavez
District 77 – Brian Maienschein
District 79 – John Moore
District 80 – Anyone but Lorena Gonzalez
Superior Court Judge
Office 25 – Paul Ware
Office 38 – Carla Keehn
County Board of Education
District 1 – Mark Powell
District 2 – Jerry Rindone
District 4 – Paulette Donnellon
District 5 – Mark Wyland
County Board of Supervisors
District 2 - Dianne Jacob
District 3 - Sam Abed
Chula Vista City Council
District 4 - Emmanuel Soto or Mike Diaz
Grossmont- Cuyamaca School District
Area 4 – Timothy Caruthers
City of San Diego
City Attorney – Robert Hickey
Council District 1 – Ray Ellis
Council District 3 – Scott Sanborn
Council District 5 – Mark Kersey
Council District 7 – Scott Sherman
Council District 9 – Write in Tami Le Murillo
Mayor – Kevin Faulconer
Ballot Propositions

• Proposition 50 – YES
This measure allows the State Legislature to suspend a member without pay if they are charged in a criminal matter. Why do we need this? Last year FOUR State Senators were indicted in criminal matters but they kept drawing paychecks at taxpayers' expense. This measure would help fix that.

• Prop A, B, C, D, E, F, G – YES
These are all technical amendments to the City Charter – no substantive major policy changes.

• Prop H – YES
This measure is about fixing our roads by lock-boxing pension reform savings and future growth in sales tax revenues for infrastructure projects. In 2012 I unveiled this solution for financing road repairs without a tax increase. I'm glad City leaders agree with my approach.

• Prop I – NO
This measure would increase the minimum wage in the City of San Diego even though a minimum wage hike is already planned in California. This measure would require San Diego to create an expensive bureaucracy to audit and enforce against small businesses. This measure will cost us jobs and create bigger government.