POLL: The New Mission and New Slogan of U.S. Marines

When you become a U.S. Marine, you become part of what the public service messages call the few and the proud.

The slogan has helped to distinguish the Marines as the most elite branch of military service.

Right now of course the slogan is being twisted by many on social media who have changed it to the few and the proud and the nude and the rude.

But that’s what happens when what has happened in recent days to the Marines.  The discovery of nude photos of female Marines being shared on what was called Marines United that featured not only nude photos but some crude comments.

The commandant of the Marines, Gen. Robert Neller, went before Congress this week and didn’t shy away from taking responsibility for finding and punishing those responsible.

And in his comments since this whole thing was discovered reveal a man who can tell is ticked off and hurt, and has pleaded for Marines to come forward so they can track down those responsible.

Former Marine Duncan Hunter, now the congressman, calls it unacceptable, but suggests there are probably other organizations that are made up of young people where similar things have happened.

There is no doubt that children today grow up in a far more sexualized culture with more permissiveness. But that doesn’t make it okay.

And when it comes to the Marines, those in charge now need to make sure that the few who are responsible are held accountable so the Marines can indeed be proud of a fighting force that remains like none other.

(Photo credit Getty Images)

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