Bumps in Mission Valley for Soccer City Plan?

They knew there had to be some bumps along the way.  There always are and the proposal called Soccer City for the Qualcomm Stadium site in Mission Valley has some bumps.

Among them the latest reports that petition signature gatherers are not telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth when they’re out there set up with their petitions for voters to sign.  

The Soccer City plan is to be fair, very complicated.  It took more than 50 pages to lay it out in the required petition explanation that was printed in the Union Tribune a few weeks ago.

No one except the lawyers have probably read the whole thing.

But according to the reports in the Union Trib, some of the paid petition gatherers (and they’re always paid for almost any petition) are apparently saying things about the Soccer City plan that’s not always accurate. Such things as leaving out all the housing development that goes along with it or saying it will be the home for the San Diego State Aztec football team even though the university does not support the plan as it stands.

And with SDSU wanting to do something a little different and with another plan that has been tossed out there for the mission valley site from big time by well-known developer Doug Manchester, along with many voters being a little skeptical of any new initiative after the Chargers debacle still fresh in their minds, and with a group of residents in the area who have concerns, there definitely are some bumps ahead.

Whatever the city council or the voters end up deciding, what happens in Mission Valley will depend on how all these bumps are worked out.

(Photo credit `10News/Gensler Sports)

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