POLL: Gas Tax Hike Best Way to Pay for Road Repairs?

It’s almost April Fool’s Day and based on the reaction so far, a lot of people in California are hoping Governor Brown’s proposal for a 12 cent a gallon tax increase is just a joke.

Gas prices are already high in California and when people leave here to live somewhere else, the high price of gas is often mentioned as one of the reasons they are glad they left.

In fact gas prices in California have usually been the highest or near the highest in the country for many years.

So when the governor sent a proposal to the state legislature to push gas prices even higher, by adding 12 cents a gallon in taxes, it was no laughing matter among a lot of people who already pay a lot for gas.

And that’s why the governor’s idea is not a slam dunk in the legislature.  A sample of some reactions from consumers in the state capital include these:

I agree we’ve got potholes but I don't feel like I should be paying for them.

And “It's getting so ridiculous I’m thinking about possibly getting a hybrid.”

And this one: "I feel like instead of them building that wall, they should use that money and fix the roads.”

Californians who are tired of high gas prices are probably hoping the governor and the legislature are listening.

(Photo credit media partner 10News)

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