Bad News About San Diego News

All this talk about fake news may get some critics thinking that the answer is fewer news outlets.  That things would be better if there were fewer CNNs and FOX’s, and fewer ABC’s, NBC’s and CBS’s.

But the fake news debate actually is a sign that we need more news choices right now, not fewer.  At both the national level and the local level.

And that’s why it is sad to see one of San Diego’s heritage TV news operations shutting down today.

Channel 6, known as CW 6 or San Diego 6, is a victim of the economics of the TV business.   And because of it, after many years, Channel 6 news is going away.

It’s just one TV newsroom in a city that has a half a dozen others and a couple of local radio stations with lots of news, including KOGO of course, and there are plenty of news choices on the internet of course.

But when it comes to serving the public well and providing lots of places where you can get news, one going away is not something to be happy about.  And fewer news choices will not help eliminate any concerns about fake news.

So we say goodbye, at least for now, to some very good news people at Channel 6.  Many of whom I know and have worked with at various times. 

KOGO’s own Phil Farrar is one of them along with anchors Lynda Martin, Marc Bailey, and many more.

We wish all who are leaving 6 the best of news.

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