San Diego Forecast: Why May Gray May Not Lead to June Gloom

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If you live in San Diego, you know that June 1st means we say goodbye to May Gray and welcome in June Gloom.

And with the days we’ve been having, with clouds every night and every morning and only partial clearing in the afternoon, if any, it seems like we are in the usual pattern again for the coming month.

But when it comes to weather, even in San Diego in recent times, the weather has been more unusual than usual at times.

We’ve had warmer and sunnier Mays the last couple of years with Junes even setting heat records sometimes.

And the 30 day national climate forecast for Southern California is predicting above average temperatures this month and below average rain and drizzle.

So maybe this new month of June won’t be filled with so much weather gloom this year.

Having just come out of several years of drought, it’s still hard getting used to now being able to water the lawn again and many of those lawns that all turned brown when Governor Brown said we’d get used to it are not as brown.

And then the unusually wet winter we had, while needed to help end the drought, now has brought us so much vegetation out there that the risk of wildfires is up.

But no matter what kind of unwanted weather changes may lie ahead, it’s still hard to complain about even unusual weather when you live in San Diego.

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