How to Stay Safe in Your Neighborhood


The warning this week from San Diego Gas and Electric about scammers out there trying to get you to do something you shouldn’t do is a reminder that there are people out there like that all the time.

From phone calls to knocks on your door, there are scam artists who prey on people to con them into buying something to giving them money out of their bank account or similar scams.

And they especially like to target elderly people or those who are in some away more likely to possibly fall for something that could cost them.

Experts always advise you to remember that if someone calls you or comes to your door and makes you offer that sounds too good to be true or warns you of something you’ve done or need to do that just doesn’t sound right, stop right there, say goodbye or say thanks but no thanks and close the door.

And sometimes these people can really be up to no good.  Burglars like to case neighborhoods, trying to spot homes that have open gates or garage doors.  They’ll also try to find out where your electric meter is so they can tamper with or shut off the power so they can more easily break in.

We had a suspicious looking guy in our neighborhood driving around a few days ago who even got out and went up the front door of a home trying to get a woman inside to open the door.

She didn’t and called police and then she called her neighbors and then those neighbors called other neighbors and soon everyone had their eyes on the guy as he sat in his truck.

The cops came and ended up arresting the guy and providing the neighborhood with a sense of relief.  But also a sense that having a neighborhood watch program is needed in every neighborhood to help stay alert and to help stay safe.

(Photo credit reporting partner 10News)

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