POLL:What should Supreme Court rule on conceal and carry gun issue?

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The U S Supreme Court's decision not to decide e a case about gun owners and the Second Amendment may mean a decision could be far off

Many legal experts had said the case in San Diego about conceal and carry gun permits could be the one the Supreme Court might take up because a decision in this case could help settle an unsettled debate.

California's law and ones like it eight other states generally require you to show "good cause" before being granted a concealed-carry license. In other states, licenses are issued to most citizens without felony convictions who are not considered dangerous or mentally unstable.

And for every person who feels most private citizens should be able to carry around a concealed weapon to protect themselves there is a person who feels a private citizen should never be able to have a gun with them.

So reaction to the Supreme Court’s decision not to decide this case is predictable.

California’s Attorney General and gun control groups call the court’s decision good news for gun safety everywhere.

Gun rights groups who say the 2nd Amendment gives people who are not felons and not mentally ill the right to conceal and carry a gun are outraged.

A lawyer with the NRA here in the San Diego area says the debate is far from over and that one day the Supreme Court will decide to decide.

And that’s why when there is a vacancy on the Supreme Court it matters who fills it.

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