Will Soccer City Get a Penalty Over a Leaked Memo?

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Yet another new twist in the Soccer City saga in San Diego.

It’s all the buzz about a leaked memo.  San Diego City Attorney Mara Elliott says someone leaked a confidential memo from her to the mayor and the city council.

The memo was sent just days before the city council voted along party lines to delay the Soccer City ballot measure for more than a year until November 2018.

In her memo, Elliott warns of the legal and financial risks of the citizens’ initiative for the proposed four-billion dollar mixed use development along with a soccer stadium and an MLS soccer team in Mission Valley.

The city attorney has issued a statement which reads:

“The person or persons who gave this confidential legal analysis to FS Investors did more than commit a crime. They betrayed the taxpayers of San Diego.“  Mara Elliott calling it an “egregious breach of public trust.”

So is the city attorney about to launch a criminal investigation into a City Hall leak having to do with one of the biggest proposed developments in San Diego in years?

And what happens if she does?  What will she find?  And what will happen to whomever it was that leaked her memo?  And what does it mean to FS investors plans to try to still find a way to get the measure on the ballot this coming November?

And what happens to Soccer City when voters do get a chance to vote on it?

And you thought controversies and investigations about leaked memos were only in the nation’s capital. Welcome to San Diego politics.

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