POLL: The Wall of Separation in the Debate Over Immigration


Immigration.  Mention the word and the two sides in the debate quickly emerge.

We saw it this week when a San Diego City Council committee split on a resolution against the President’s wall at the U.S. Mexican border which is designed to reduce illegal immigration.  Two council members for it and two against it.

And we saw it this week when President Trump announced his support for a proposal to change the way we do legal immigration. Making it a merit-based system under which immigrants would need to meet requirements such as speaking English to accumulate points to get a green card.

The two sides quickly reacted with one side calling it un-American and the other side saying it’s about time.

And we saw it just days ago when the mayor of San Diego and other border city mayors met with mayors of Tijuana and other cities in Mexico to talk about the wall, trade and commerce.

The two sides again spoke out with some saying the U.S. mayors are encouraging illegal immigration while others saying working the cooperation with their Mexican counterparts will help the local economy.

It is clear that the subject of immigration is a polarizing one that puts some on one side and others on the other side.  And neither side is likely to change its point of view.

It’s almost as if there’s an impenetrable wall that prevents each side from seeing the other side.

And when both sides are blinded like that, the question is that when it comes to immigration, it’s hard to find a compromise.

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