Required: MBA, Two Years Experience, And Manolos.

A woman named Nicola Thorpe started a new job in London. On day one, she dressed for work wearing flats, and was sent home without pay, for refusing to put on high heels. Here is the story: 

I love a high heel. I adore the d'Orsay pump, in particular, and find it to be the most fabulous shoe I own. Seriously sexy. 

However, if I had to wear them every day, it would cripple me. Face it, heels are NOT comfortable. 

And there are some lovely flats out there that are perfectly appropriate for absolutely any work situation. Having a requirement to look professional and put-together is not an unreasonable request. 

So why are some businesses set on requiring women to wear them every day?

I don't get it. But then, I wouldn't take a job that required me to wear them. 

Do you think it is reasonable? 

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