POLL: San Diego Reacts to President's Plan for Afghanistan

Marines in Afghanistan  Getty Images

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When a president talks about war and our involvement with conflicts in other countries, a lot of people in San Diego pay very special attention.

That’s what happens when you’re in the military or have a member of your family in the military.

And here in San Diego, a city with more military bases than any other, that means a lot of people were paying very close attention to what the President said Monday about Afghanistan.

Those in the military and military families heard the President  say that we will not be leaving Afghanistan any time soon and that there will be an as yet undetermined increase in the number of troops there and that our strategy in Afghanistan is to defeat the Taliban terrorists and win!

The president’s plan for Afghanistan is a reversal of what he said as a candidate when said it was a disaster and suggested we should get out of there and come home.

But according to reports, his military generals convinced him that leaving was not winning and leaving would mean risking a significant terrorist attack on the U.S.

So there was a lot of uncertainty as to what the President would do in Afghanistan.

And now that we know, the members of the military and their families also know.

They are always ready to serve their country and defend their country and even make sacrifices when necessary. And that’s what makes them the heroes they are and why San Diego is a much better place because of them.



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