Why So Many San Diego Fans Hate the L-A Chargers

Los Angeles Chargers Stub Hub Center Getty Images

So were you sad or happy when the Chargers lost Sunday?  A lot of fans still very angry and hurt by Chargers owner Dean Spanos deciding to abandon San Diego after more than 50 years and move his team up to LA were happy the Chargers blew it Sunday losing to Miami.

There were plenty of Tweets and Facebook posts about how the Chargers may have moved to L-A but they’re still the same old Chargers, losing games they should have won.

There are some fans who still root for the former San Diego Chargers that now belong to L-A.

They like the Chargers because of the players they’ve loved for years such as Philip Rivers and Antonio Gates.  They want good things for them.

But for the owner of the Chargers there is mostly contempt and that’s why there were many fans who watched the Chargers hoping they would lose.

It is very hard to watch your team, the team you’ve supported and loved for years and may have spent a lot of money on for tickets and souvenirs over the years that left your town for L-A.

It’s hard to see and hear the announcers call your San Diego team the Los Angeles Chargers.  It’s weird and for a lot of fans it hurts.

One die-hard fan was so angry he raised 10-thousand dollars on  a Go Fund Me page to put up an electronic billboard near the Chargers new embarrassingly small soccer stadium home that rips owner Dean Spanos and NFL boss  Roger Goodell for saying the heck with you San Diego.

So after two games and two losses, the team that so many San Diego fans used to love and many of whom now hate, will continue their self-proclaimed  fight for L-A. Good luck with that because it looks like they’ll have to do it without all those fans they left behind.

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