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San Diego Stadium Getty Images

San Diego Stadium Getty Images

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Not long ago, Qualcomm Stadium was rated by architects as an architectural marvel and just two years ago some architects said it was still ok and still had some life in it.

And then a network announcer for the NFL on national television called the stadium a dump.  That’s when Chargers owner Dean Spanos may have already been near making a decision to move the team to L-A.

There were signs of course because the Spanos put little money into improvements in the stadium with a scoreboard so old it looked more like a 1950’s TV set compared to today’s scoreboards.

And with the mood at city hall and among a lot of San Diegans at the time, there was not a lot of interested in spending lots of taxpayer money for the Chargers since for years the city had been paying the team the infamous ticket guarantee.

So now the Chargers are gone and may soon be forgotten by most San Diego fans.  And the San Diego State Aztecs are now one of the top 25 college football teams in the country and promoting themselves as the city’s #1 team. 

Based on attendance so far, San Diego football fans seem to be welcoming the Aztecs as their team while their old team struggles to fill a small soccer stadium.

And SDSU is interested in extending the lease with the city for the stadium and is expected to come out in a few weeks with their plan for a new stadium,

Add to that now the fact that in the name of this old stadium, it’s gone with the Q and in with the new, the S-D-C-C-U, and coupled with a team like SDSU, there are definite signs of life in our historic stadium.

And maybe these signs of life will all lead to a new life with a new stadium deserving of a city like San Diego and its fans.

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